Sunday, 14 October 2012

Estee Lauder Corporate Store Haul

Hello :)

So, as promised, a few days before I headed over to Sydney I was watching a you tube video by LaurenBeauty, Lauren works for Bobbi Brown and was talking about an Estee Lauder Corporate Store... well! I then spent the next 24 hours (I did you not!) trying to get an invite to this store...
The Estee Lauder Corporate Stores are basically our US version of CCO's however you need an invite, or to be an employee of Estee Lauder. There are three stores in Australia; Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland.
I finally was able to track down an invite, so here is my haul :)
I will include pricing so that everyone can see how heavy the discount was.

Estee Lauder products

From top left: Bronze Goddess Sea star Bronzing blush $45, Bronze Goddess Perfume 100ml $60.00, Double Wear Foundation in Shell Beige $30.

Estee Lauder Products

From Top left: Signature Eyeshadow quad No1 Sand $42, Pure Color Five color eyeshadow palette in Topaz Mosaic $54 and Pure color eyeshadow in Twilight Rose $25.

Mac Products

From Left: Mac Pencil Sharpener $4, Mac MSF Semi Precious Pearl $28, Mac Pigment Bloodline $5, Mac 266 brush $23.

Bobbi Brown

(sorry about the picture!!)

Top: Lipstick in Salmon $26, Blush in Desert Pink $35.

I also purchased a Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for $37.

As you can see I picked up quite a few items, I am still chipping away at my haul so if anyone would like swatches or reviews  on any products please do let me know.



  1. What a great haul! I have a pass so been meaning to go to the Melbourne for some time now. Im particularly keen on the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, I hope the Melbourne store has one as well as its a great price.

    1. Thank you. The product seems to be working

      If you would like an update skin care haul or before and afters I would be happy to oblige :-)

  2. You picked up some great stuff!

    Well done, it's always a mixed bag...sometimes there are nice things and sometimes not so much!

    I was actually quite good and spent $100 the last time I went by...ironically I still haven't used any of the items! Might go again soon and pick up some goodies for Christmas. :)

  3. Hey thanks for letting us know :)

    I just got a pass today for Sydney store, so really curious what range they have from MAC or Bobbi Brown. Like in terms of colours for shadows or others.

    Thanks xx

    1. No problems lana :-)
      Do be sure to try the Estée Lauder eyeshadows too their great!