Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mac Posh Paradise - Part Haul

Hey Hey Lovely Ladies!
Here is the first part of my Posh Paradise Haul!
In this part I received 4 paint pots and 1 Mattene Lipstick

The Paint Pots I received were: Half Wild, Nubile, Pure Creation and Hyperviolet.
The Mattene was: Naked Bliss.

Unboxed Items :)

Half-Wild was Uber smooth, lovely creamy finish and a beautiful mid tone purple.

Hyperviolet pulled and tugged a little in order to swatch (as you will see in the pic below) this color has quite a strong red base.

Nubile reminds me of a pink version of painterly I am super excited to try this as it seems like a great every day color, this color was very easy to spread also, much easier than painterly.

Pure creation is way out of my comfort zone :)

the first blue anything I have purchased!! This color is reminiscent of the mega metal eye shadows, I can definitely see the frost finish. I think I will try this under a purple eyeshadow.

Last but not least is my Mattene :)
This color is so so wearable!! it is a beautiful natural color that is not dry like regular matte lipsticks.

swatches :)
top, then L-R
Pure creation p/p, Hyperviolet p/p, Half Wild p/p, Nubile p/p, Naked Bliss.

What did you haul from Posh Paradise?


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