Friday, 15 March 2013

Myer and David Jones Haul - Dior and Estee Lauder

Hi Ladies :)

Last week I really wanted to buy something :)

I had some vouchers for Myer and DJ's so I decided to purchase a brush that I feel is quite unique from Dior.
I saw +Lorraine Stanick use this brush (thecurrentcustom) and have been thinking about it ever since.
I feel like brushes are a great investment.
Compared to the tonnes of makeup I own, the brushes are constantly used and I feel that they are a worthwhile investment.

so here it is: The Dior Full coverage fluid foundation brush.

Dior Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush

Sorry about the nail polish bottle (the brush kept rolling as I was trying to take the picture!!).
The brush has synthetic hairs and I felt that it was very original!

Dior Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush
As you can see the hairs are tightly packed however they are still flexible.
I think this will be great for under eye areas but also as an all over foundation brush when I want a really polished look.

This brush retails for $75 AUD. Given it is a full face brush and Dior I expect to pay that priced, however I wouldn't have been surprised if this brush had cost more.

Estee Lauder Violet Underground
This is something I have been waiting for, for what feels like eternity!!

+Temptalia Beauty Blog - Makeup Reviews had created the most amazing look with this palette and she absolutely raves about it (she is a tough critic too) so when she said this was the most beautiful pallet she had seen in years I knew I needed it.
The cream/powder formula of these shadows is my favourite since MAC came out with the Extra Dimensions.

Once again, not cheap at $90 for the palette however when you look at what individual cyber metallic eye shadows cost it is a great way of trying 5 shades.
I believe the centre black is just a regular powder eyeshadow.

Swatches Estee Lauder Violet Underground
The shades are not named however I have gone clockwise with the black centre being at the bottom.
The picture does this palette no justice.

That's it for today :)

If you would like any additional info or a review on either product please let me know.




  1. Ahh i've been eyeing this palette a lot as well :)

    1. It is really pretty isn't it...

      believe it or not I STILL have not used it....

      In the mornings it can be really hard to reach for something like this until you have played with it... I think I wan't to give it the attention it deserves LOL