Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lust Have It - December Box

Hey Ladies,

It's that time of the month again... I must say this Box has been my favourite to date :)
3 full size item's! And I am a huge cosmetics fan so this makes me REALLY happy :)
Let's get straight into it.

First up, we have a sample of the EVO Great Hydrator Moisture Mask.
I am very familiar with the Evo range and I am happy to say that there are approx 3 brands that can tame my wild frizzy hair and evo is one of them.
This particular Mask claims to moisture and smooth colour damaged hair.
Love the funny stories on the packaging and I find the benefit of the square packaging to be great. When you are in the shower the bottles don't slip out your hands as do round containers.
This sample will last for approximately 3 uses.
Final tip on this: Don't believe people when they say that a treatment has worked after five minutes! Leave it over night and I promise you the results will be far greater!!

Next up,
The Lime Lilly Pencil. As you can see it is a deep black which is great as so many brands tend to be more of a charcoal colour. I am wearing this pencil today and can honestly say it is comparable to the quality of high end brands I have tried. I am not going to lie and say it doesn't smudge at all, because they all do! however it was very minor compared to others I have tried. I had to slightly run it through a flame (as in one second) to soften for first use however. A little tip when using eye pencils, I set mine with a black powder over the top finely to keep in place.

Next up, we have a body bar. The brand is Glass House and the soap is named Marseille.
I have no experience with this brand whatsoever so all I can tell you at this stage is that it smells quite strong and is rather expensive. (This is a full size 250g and retails for $12.95!). The soap claims to protect and recondition skin due to the Vitamin E content.

Next up, we have tampons.
Let's face it, not the most exciting thing to receive but realistically the majority of us are going to use them!!
I can't speak for all but I am subscribed to 3 boxes.... 3 x 5 samples a month! I have a basket full of samples still unused so at least this will be handy.
Love the metal container as they don't fall out my bag and I can store bobby pins in it after I have used.

Next up, we have a Kosmea Purifying cream cleanser.
I am not familiar with these products and am a little wary of using this at the moment as my skin is crazy sensitive. However once party season is over I will try out!
The product does claim to be sensitive and to remove waterproof products which is a big plus for me as I don't like using 15 products day and night!!

There were lashes in the box also (My fave item) from Lash republic and I will upload that pic tomorrow.
the set retails for $25 and comes with the little adhesive required. These lashes are real human hair which is gross but good at the same time :)

Last but not least a 20% off voucher for purchases from the Moxie website and a candy cane :) YUM!

were you happy with your Lust Have It Box?


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