Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Hair Care Routine

Hello everyone :)

Today I thought I would show you my hair care routine..
Haircare is something that I truly, truly believe you get what you pay for.
I have extremely curly/frizzy dry hair that I manage to straighten and keep looking glossy and healthy (most of the time).
Please understand I am not telling you all to go out and spend a fortune on these products I am simply trying to show you what works best with my hair.

First up here are my shampoo and conditioner. For the past 6 months I have been using Alterna, The science of 10. I don't know of which salons sell these products particularly as I get them from a hairdresser supplier.
at 250ml shampoo retails for $100 (In the pic it is the pro size) and a 200ml mask is the same. No matter what brand I am using I will always opt for a mask as my conditioner, they are generally not too far apart in price but a mask is always more hydrating.

These products are like none I have tried before. The shampoo lathers up into more of a cream than actual bubbles, just be careful not to get it in you eye because this one specifically hurts like you know what!!
I will always use a small amount (think 10 cent piece), rub through rinse and then shampoo again with slightly more the second time.

Once done with shampoo I move onto the conditioner, the Alterna conditioner is very very thick, think like a wax mixed with a cream, thickness in a conditioner to me indicates a good product. I will place my conditioner in my hair and comb thru (ends first) gently with a wide tooth comb. I usually do this in the bath because I like to leave my conditioner in for at least 20 minutes, this helps it absorb  and really deeply condition.

Now for the fun part, to rinse I go back to the shower put only cold water on and blast it with the cold water until all my hair is coated, I am not necessarily rinsing the product, only making my hair cold, like freezing cold.  This is actually painful! but the results are amazing, when I do this my hair is always softer and glossier.
then I will rinse it out with normal temperature water and I'm done :)

Once I have briefly towel dried my hair I will use 2 pumps of the Lakme K Therapy repair gel on the ends of my hair, This is another brilliant product. My hairdresser told me of this as I am NOT a fan of Lakme at all (bad experience in the past, was given what I believe to be hairspray in a bottle that was labelled straightening serum) however I honestly have not cut my hair in 6 months as my hairdresser insists it doesnt need it. I previously was pushing desperate for a cut at the 10 week mark. This product has done miracles for my ends.
This is also a product I picked up from a hairdressing supplier but I believe it retails at the $35 mark.

I then either take a pump of the Kerastase Elixir Ultime serum which I purchased overseas or the Davroe moisture senses.
What I love about this Kerastase serum is that unlike the previous Kerastase serums this one has heat protectant in it! I also read that you can use this serum before you shampoo, place a small amount in your hear and work through as this will help the shampoo.
As for the Davroe product I too think it is great, Davroe have totally shocked me! I am yet to meet a Davroe product I do not love, my recommendations are the Lemongrass detangler and their hairspray, they are also really affordable at generally $20 per product from Hairhouse Warehouse.

Last but not least: I will use a root boost, as I use such Hydrating heavy products I get left with no volume, however it is a real "catch 22" for me, I need them to combat the frizz but my hair is flat, any suggestions would be great (I don't use serum near my roots!)
If I am using the Davroe or Redken I will put this into the still damp hair, If The Aveda that's after styling.

The Davroe product is described as a voluminous spray, it says to use on damp hair but I do notice it also acts a little like a hair spray so I am a little cautious about whether or not this is good for my hair with the GHD, no problems as yet, the Redken root boost is just okay, I don't really see a great deal of results.

The Aveda is a really unique product. I purchased this due to LisaLisaD1's raves and it is great at volumising.
It is a product that you do not shake, and is a powder, once styled and dried, you place this white powder on the roots and work through, it kind of feels like chalk.
My only quarm with it is that I only need to wash my hair once a week and feel this leaves a waxy like residue in my hair.

Enough with the hair products.
If anyone has any questions or recommendations for me please leave in the comments below.
I hope this has been helpful.


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