Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How I achieved a clear smooth face!

Hey Guys,
I thought the above title would get your attention :)

For the past 6 months my skin has been absolutely hay wire!
Gone from an oil slick to all out dry and cracking and a ridiculous amount of pimples constantly.
I was referred (by a friend) to a spa that would be able to help me determine why my skin was giving me so much grief and also why I had so many small lumps all over my face predominantly on my cheeks. When ever I was to apply foundation, highlight or blush they would stand out so much people would actually comment. I have been exfoliating my face constantly but they never ever go away?!?!?

The cause Milia.

The easiest definition I could find of Milia is as follows: Milia or superficial keratinous cysts are small, white, sometimes pale yellow, spots that usually appear around the eyes, on the cheeks, and on the eyelids in all ages, from infants to adults. These are an accumulation of sloughed cells that cannot escape through the top layer of skin, and so get trapped underneath and become firm, rather like pebbles under the skin. Milia do not respond to most squeezing and picking.

What?!?!?! So all that exfoliation was a waste of time! you don't say.

I had tonnes removed and let me say I am absolutely ecstatic with the result. I don't usually go to spa's as I feel I have spent so much money on products that I can have the same affect at home, I even bought the Milia tool but just made my face bleed! nothing was removed!! I won't list here what I paid for the treatment but let me tell you it is honestly not even 1/5 of what I believed the results were worth!

I have chosen to include an after for you guys to see... I don't usually do this as I am not too keen on taking pictures of myself, I didn't  take a before shot because I was really embarrassed. I can honestly say that this is the best my skin has ever ever been.

XO Pemily


  1. My experience has been very similar. A few years ago I had major acne problems, tried all kinds of stuff even some prescription drugs from a dermatologist which only resulted in very very dry skin and horrible side affects, namely severe depression. Selina was able to help, her solution is very simple and it works. I'm so happy I found Beauty Access Medi Spa!

  2. So am I!!!
    I would say I am a really hard client to please! And yet i was comfortable the minute I walked in!!
    Never did i think the results would be so amazing!!!

  3. I've gotta say I get my milia removed by my therapist and she's amazing! I get them every now and then, much less than I used to as I have changed products, but isn't it great when you find a therapist you love!

  4. Absolutely! It's not often we get a treatment that exceeds our expectations especially with something like skin!!
    So glad your happy with your therapist Chelsea! :-)

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  6. Hello,

    Do you have any experience in Asian skin-care products? I know quite a few friends (non-asians) that have made a swap from Chanel to a Korean brand known as "Laneige" and are very happy with the results they got.
    If you have any information on Asian skin care brans, (particularly, Laneige) please let me know!

    Also, if I can ask, what skin care products are you using at the moment?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello :-) this week (for you) I will post my beauty routine.. Day and night and also! My experience with Asian skin care!
      I recently went to Thailand and before I left researched Asian beauty brands for nine months I will let you know what I use from them and give you some insight so keep checking back xo

  7. Aww thankyou :-) I will be sure to get cracking this week! Xx