Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I Love This Box Australia - December

I Love This Box Australia - December addition

This is how the box came (unsealed which I thought was a bit odd)
The box inside the box :)

The pretty inside paper

So today I finally received  my I Love This Box, this is the first I have subscribed for as there were some brands on their list I adored and felt are not blogged too much about in Australia.
Lets get straight into it :)

First up, I received 2 x Taylor Swift perfume samples. The scent is called Wonderstruck. I usually give these to my Mum however This scent is so my type! I will be keeping both :) The 50ml EDP retails for $69 and the 100ml EDP for $89. (I think if you were to go to a perfume connection/discount chemist you would be able to purchase for cheaper), all in all this is not very expensive compared to other scents I like so I may just buy one.

Next up, we have Simply Organic shampoo and conditioner. The sample sizes are very impressive (60ml each), this is good for at least 3 washes. The scent of both is very very strong, reminiscent of the bush or! lice treatment. I can't say I am game to try these due to the odour however I may run out of my Kerastase one day and have no option! Full size products retail for $32.50 each which is a 251ml bottle.

Next we have an Adorn face and body bronzer. Adorn is not a brand I am familiar with so if anyone has info please be sure to let me know :)
The sample would be approximately 1/4 tspn and is showing up on camera a lot more golden as apposed to brown. That worries me, as what would this translate too on the face if pictures are being taken? Just my thoughts. The sample is too small for all over bronzer so I may use as an eyeshadow for testing purposes.
Full size is 7gm and retails for $45 (not cheap!)

Next we have a Simply Organic lip balm. I tested this Lip balm straight away as I was wanting a lip balm for my bed side table that was easy to apply. It seems to feel moisturising, only time will tell however the scent is too overpowering for night time wear so maybe during the day. It too smells like the bush, this must be a trend with the simply organic brand. I'm not going to get into the fact that this is not the lip balm listed on the card because frankly, I don't care! The fact is the product was replaced with a suitable alternative.

Next we have a Gatinuea exfoliationg body gel. I am not familiar with this brand, however I have heard of it.
This product smells divine! and it is clear with little white and red pieces in it. You can be festive in the shower (oh dear! that doesn't sound the way it should!!)
back to the review! The sample size is tiny! smaller than the Lancome individual cream sample sizes. I would of liked to receive 3 of this as I may be lucky to exfoliate an arm with this.. Great product, not so great sample size.

Last but not least, we have to little gifts! the pendant is super cute! I personally won't wear it but I'm sure I can re gift perfect timing! No doubt I forgot someone :) and a little Christmas ball.

I am not disappointed in this box, however the more I receive the more I ask myself these questions: Do I need another perfume vial? Do I need another face wash I won't use.

I decided to cancel my subscription to I Love this Box but will stick with Lust Have it and Birch Box for now, the way I see it is I could purchase another product once a month that you guys would like to see a review on.

Please guys, comment below and let me know if you would rather me stay subscribed to sample boxes or purchase an additional item every month.



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