Sunday, 14 October 2012

Estee Lauder Corporate Store Haul

Hello :)

So, as promised, a few days before I headed over to Sydney I was watching a you tube video by LaurenBeauty, Lauren works for Bobbi Brown and was talking about an Estee Lauder Corporate Store... well! I then spent the next 24 hours (I did you not!) trying to get an invite to this store...
The Estee Lauder Corporate Stores are basically our US version of CCO's however you need an invite, or to be an employee of Estee Lauder. There are three stores in Australia; Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland.
I finally was able to track down an invite, so here is my haul :)
I will include pricing so that everyone can see how heavy the discount was.

Estee Lauder products

From top left: Bronze Goddess Sea star Bronzing blush $45, Bronze Goddess Perfume 100ml $60.00, Double Wear Foundation in Shell Beige $30.

Estee Lauder Products

From Top left: Signature Eyeshadow quad No1 Sand $42, Pure Color Five color eyeshadow palette in Topaz Mosaic $54 and Pure color eyeshadow in Twilight Rose $25.

Mac Products

From Left: Mac Pencil Sharpener $4, Mac MSF Semi Precious Pearl $28, Mac Pigment Bloodline $5, Mac 266 brush $23.

Bobbi Brown

(sorry about the picture!!)

Top: Lipstick in Salmon $26, Blush in Desert Pink $35.

I also purchased a Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for $37.

As you can see I picked up quite a few items, I am still chipping away at my haul so if anyone would like swatches or reviews  on any products please do let me know.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Imats Part 2: Hakuhhodo Brushes

I do not even know where to begin with this, I have been waiting to purchase these brushes for 6 months at least..... Some of the people that RAVE about these are: Pixi2Woo, MissGlamorazzi endless Aussie Bloggers etc etc...... They really are THE SOFTEST brushes ever. The team at Hakuhodo were so lovely and polite they were really helpful, at one point they said to me: "You have to much!!" Didn't stop me from going back....... :)

I originally went for 10 then my lovely Fiancee went back and purchased me a further 5.

The only down fall on these is that they don't put the names on the handles, so I cut the plastic off and stored it along with a list of what I have so that I can purchase more in the future, for your reference I also uploaded the pics. Smart Little Cookie aren't I :)


XO Pemily

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Imats Sydney 2012 Haul Part 1


I had a sort of plan when at IMATS to just ensure I got a really good mix of products and to try and avoid things that were easily accessible to me on a regular basis, I think I did quite well in sticking to that because (other than the MAC) I really don't have anything from the other brands.

Please note: I haven't tried these products yet so if you are interested in reviews I would go over to Makeup Alley, If anything catches your eye do ask and I will try to use it first and get back to you :)

First up my LA Splash goodies, I purchased 3 Nail Glitters and 1 eyeshadow glitter.
I think they were all between $5-$7.00.

I started gazing at this stall because I was on the hunt for a black glitter for eyes, I'm really not a loose glitter kinda gal but something about black intrigued me. As you can see this glitter is not black however it is an amazing gun metal shade so I was automatically drawn to it.... I then saw these nail glitters and instantly fell in love, unfortunately these were the only colours available (apart from a green) but the lovely ladies instructed me  to go online as there were plenty more colours available so that I will do :) I plan on mixing these into my acrylic.

Next up, my haul from Gorgeous Cosmetics. Hub Makeup were selling these products and the girls there were so lovely and full of energy :) The Lipsticks were approx $15 each which, my understanding is a great price! The Eyeshadow pallet was $50 (or $55?!?!). I was oohing and aahing about this one but the ladies mentioned that I could use these as blush and I was sold :) they will make beautiful blush colours :)

Here we have 2 pigment stacks from Naked Cosmetics, the deal they had was 1 for $30 or 2 for $25, they also had another deal on 7 or so..... Considering one stack is $60 on their website, I think I did quite well :) I'm not usually a pigment kinda gal however TotalMakeupJunkie from YT raves about these so I decided to try them out....

I purchased these 5 OCC Lip Tars (from who.... I can't remember?) They had a bowl full of random colours for $10 of which none interested me, however these were $15 each.

From PM Studio, I purchased these 2 items, I must say they were flat out so I didn't purchase as much as I would of liked as I couldn't really get any assistance. The Smash Eyeshadow was $10 for a single and $15 for trio's. The MUFE aqua cream price I cannot remember but was discounted. The MUFE aqua lip stains were amazing also however I am attending Media Makeup next year so did not want to purchase too much as I may get items in my kit, I honestly couldn't get the swatch of my hand for a day. I have never seen anything stain like that, worth a look!

I then almost fainted when I saw Rae Morris herself!!!!! she was incredibly lovely and really down to earth (not to mention a STUNNER!!!) so I decided to try a brush out, I won't like they are on the higher priced end however I have heard rave reviews so I will start with this one and see how I like it.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

I'm Back :)

Hi Ladies,
I know its been a while and boy have I been Hauling!!!!

Way too!! much :)

I have just returned from Sydney!! ;)

what was just in Sydney?!?!?! You guessed it! IMATS!

I know this will be my most requested haul so I have decided to start there I will break it up into two sections. Section 1: Bits & Bobs, Section 2: Hakuhodo Brushes.... more about that later!
In the coming days I will also have posts on other bits and pieces I collected in Sydney including: Burberry, Tom Ford, Illamasqua, KIT Cosmetics and and and THE ESTEE LAUDER CORPORATE STORE!

watch this space :)