Thursday, 15 September 2011

Urban Decay - When will Australia see you?!?!

Fresh from America - My First UD Haul A.K.A (my first anything other than MAC haul)
Hey Guys,
As the postman was here delivering my 226 brush he decided to give me some Urban Decay products too :)
Urban Decay is a HUGE brand in the states and is raved about so I decided to try some out and a dear friend of mine sent them on.
Here is what I purchased :)

3 x Loose Pigments

This is UD's description of the product:

"These powdery-fine, silky soft shadows deliver more intense color than pressed or cream eye shadows. Try a little for a sheer wash of color, or layer for bold, shimmering hues. With everything from bold brights to pretty neutrals, there's something for everyone!"
Goddess - a black with black shimmer
Rockstar - a beautiful two toned purple/blue with purple glitter
Gunmetal - IMO a taupe gunmetal

3 x Cream Shadows

This is UD's description of the product:

"Cream Shadow channels the sex appeal of the 70's and the science of today! Whipped to perfection, each shimmering shade dries to a weightless layer of color that will not crease, fade, or hide in fine lines. Unlike most cream shadows, our gel-based formula features silicone technology, allowing time to blend, correct and smudge. Once dry, shadow is light and as flexible as your own skin."

Mushroom - Silver Taupe like color
Midnight Rodeo - Shimmery peach
Delinquent - Bright purple

1 x eyeshadow

This is UD's description of the product:

"By popular demand, we created new Matte Eye shadows that are sexy, sophisticated, and never dull. The collection comes in a wide variety of shades-from bendable earth tones to vibrant bursts of color. Pigment-rich with an ultra-soft texture, Matte Eye shadows are low in binders, so payoff is amazing and never chalky! The classic Urban Decay subway token is dressed up with a gunmetal finish so you can tell them apart from your other Urban Decay Eye shadows."

Purple Haze - A matte purple (I think I may have a MAC e/s called Purple Haze also!!)

Please give me some time to play with the products and I will get back to you re: quality!!

What Makeup brands aren't in your country that you would love to try???


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