Thursday, 21 March 2013

Haul - MAC, Beauty Bay (Mario Badescu)

Hi Ladies,

You asked for hauls so you got them... my wallet hurts. :)

I picked up some eye shadows from MAC because I felt I needed more dark matte shades for my kit.
The reason you see two bags is because I was accidentally given one of the wrong shades and needed to exchange it. However it is technically one haul. I also returned a brush that I purchased a little while ago. The 191 square foundation brush, any excuse to buy more LOL.

Copperplate, Texture, Mystery, Embark, Shadowy Lady

I haven't had a chance to play with these shadows left other than a swatch. From a glance Shadowy Lady looks really pretty but from swatching Copperplate really packs a punch!!

Drying cream, Silver powder, Drying Lotion

I place another order with Beauty bay (a few days after my initial Naked Basics palette order) and this arrived today. Let me say from the two orders I have placed they have both come in perfect condition in two weeks or less. I am very happy!!

The purpose of this picture was to show you the consistency of the products.

Silver powder: The idea of this product is to remedy black heads, clogged pores, oils in the tzone etc. You are to wet a cotton bud, dip it into the solution and pat on the nose.
Drying cream: This product is for under surface bumps, I believe you use this on the problem area and rub in until it becomes clear, it does not need to be washed off.
Drying lotion: this is used on erupted pimples. I wanted to show you how this is a 2 part product. It will settle more.

If you have any questions about the products or would like to see a look please let me know.



Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Haul - MAC, Beauty Bay (Urban Decay), Strawberry net (Laura Mercier)

Hi Ladies,

I have a collective haul to show you.
These things all happened to rock up on my door step today :)

Laura Mercier Perfecting water moisture mist, Laura Mercier Mega Moisturizer Normal/Combination

My skincare came today (thank god!!) I had NO moisturizer left. I purchased both items from Strawberry net  This was a first for me, however I saved $40 so I may take this avenue from now on!

Urban Decay Naked Basics
Beauty bay was a first for me. It took 10 working days from payment to arrive (free shipping!) I am extremly impressed with their pricing as it is on par with US. I already have something else on the way :)
The only thing I did notice is that one of the eye shadows has detached from the palette, I do not blame Beauty Bay for this as my other UD palette did the same thing, they need to stop skimping on the adhesive!

I then had a friend post me 5 MAC Brushes from the US.

187 - foundation brush
109 - contour brush
116 - blush brush
130 - foundation brush
286 - eye brush

these brushes are for my kit (I can't promise the 109 will end up in there though!!)

Have you hauled anything lately?



Monday, 18 March 2013

What I am Lemming

Hey Ladies :)

I thought It would be nice to share with one another some of the items we are wanting to buy :)

I will go first!!!

Hakuhodo Brushes

I am wanting to try a few more but mainly buy some for my kit. I purchased quite a few at Imats last year and have now worked out which I can't live without and would like to put them in my professional kit also. I feel that they compliment my MAC brushes really well.

Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter

 I have been wanting to purchase these after watching about a million YT videos this week with girls using them. I am especially interested in the yellow shade called Light Boost.

That's all for now!
I'm sure tomorrow I will add more to the list.

Please comment below with what you are lemming.


Current Empties skincare/makeup

Hi Ladies :)

I have a few empties on hand so I thought I would show you and talk a little about the products.

I won't be doing these posts often as I don't really run out of anything other than skincare.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: I purchased this from KIT Cosmetics (In Sydney last year). I think this product does more to make me feel better than a great deal. It is designed for pimples that have surfaced (so you see a white head), you then dab it on and it will dry it out. My pimples are usually embedded so I need something to dry them out from that stage because (to be honest) I tend to pop them when they are white, the reality is that I won't walk around with puss on my face! I did however repurchase this as my fiancee likes it and I will still use it.

Laura Mercier Perfecting Water Moisture Mist: I use this as my toner morning and night. I LOVE this product, I honestly feel like my skin is drier and bumpier when I run out of it. Already repurchased!

Johnson's Pure Cotton 80 Round Makeup pads: I honestly should buy shares in a cotton pad company, or a paper towel company! These pads (in my opinion!) are terrible!! They absorb so much product. You are probably wondering why I would mention a $2 cotton pad packet. The reason being that I use these to apply my toner. They absorb roughly double the amount of $60 moisture mist that others do, meaning they cost me $30 to use! does that make sense? will I repurchase: NO WAY! J&J have some others in their range that are great. The purple packet I love.

Laura Mercier Mega Moisturiser Normal/Combination: This is my go to moisturiser :) Love it, have already repurchased!

Mac Prep + Prime Lip: This product took me a really long time to use up. There is nothing wrong with it but I think I might try a different Lip primer as apposed to re purchasing the same one (I really don't think it is a product I need multiples off!!) The only downside of this product is: It smells like onions. I kid you not!

That's all :)

Comment below with your current empties

Sunday, 17 March 2013

411 of what is on my vanity

Hey Ladies :)
It has been so long since I have done a 411 Vanity post so I thought I would do another.

The 411 on my vanity posts are about showing you guys what I am pulling out of my stash/whats newer that I have been using recently.

Products pictured are
-Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
- Dior Bronzer in Amber Glow
- Mac Lipstick in Snob
- Mac Lipliner in Hip N Happy
- Mac Pearlmatte powders in Veronica's Blush and Flatter Me
- Napoleon loose eye dust in Contrary Canary
- Laura Mercier Blush in Rose Petal


Friday, 15 March 2013

Myer and David Jones Haul - Dior and Estee Lauder

Hi Ladies :)

Last week I really wanted to buy something :)

I had some vouchers for Myer and DJ's so I decided to purchase a brush that I feel is quite unique from Dior.
I saw +Lorraine Stanick use this brush (thecurrentcustom) and have been thinking about it ever since.
I feel like brushes are a great investment.
Compared to the tonnes of makeup I own, the brushes are constantly used and I feel that they are a worthwhile investment.

so here it is: The Dior Full coverage fluid foundation brush.

Dior Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush

Sorry about the nail polish bottle (the brush kept rolling as I was trying to take the picture!!).
The brush has synthetic hairs and I felt that it was very original!

Dior Full Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush
As you can see the hairs are tightly packed however they are still flexible.
I think this will be great for under eye areas but also as an all over foundation brush when I want a really polished look.

This brush retails for $75 AUD. Given it is a full face brush and Dior I expect to pay that priced, however I wouldn't have been surprised if this brush had cost more.

Estee Lauder Violet Underground
This is something I have been waiting for, for what feels like eternity!!

+Temptalia Beauty Blog - Makeup Reviews had created the most amazing look with this palette and she absolutely raves about it (she is a tough critic too) so when she said this was the most beautiful pallet she had seen in years I knew I needed it.
The cream/powder formula of these shadows is my favourite since MAC came out with the Extra Dimensions.

Once again, not cheap at $90 for the palette however when you look at what individual cyber metallic eye shadows cost it is a great way of trying 5 shades.
I believe the centre black is just a regular powder eyeshadow.

Swatches Estee Lauder Violet Underground
The shades are not named however I have gone clockwise with the black centre being at the bottom.
The picture does this palette no justice.

That's it for today :)

If you would like any additional info or a review on either product please let me know.



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

MAC Haul Including Archie's Girls

Hi All,

This is just a really quick post to show you what I purchased from the Archie's Girl Collection.

Top row: Pearlmatte powders in Veronica's Blush and Flatter Me
Middle: Lipstick in Betty Bright
Bottom Row: Blush in Cream Soda and Prom Princess.

Look at the packaging! It's great!!! No tacky stickers.

I also purchased a lip liner in Hip N Happy (appears to be Snob's twin) and eyeliner in white which is just a white.
Not pictured but purchased on the day (placed straight in my kit) is the 214 shader brush. So far I am loving it for lining the bottom lash line.



Monday, 4 March 2013

Feburary Favourites

Hi All,

I can't promise I will make a favourites post every month but here is one for the month of Feb :)

I am a huge fan of Ben Nye products, I was first introduced to the brand at IMATS last year and I must say I am impressed.
I purchased these Neutralizer cream crayons after hearing Makeupbyrenren mention them.
I must say they are great, I purchased Mellow Yellow for under my eyes and Red Concealer No 1 for my pigmentation marks, they are beautiful to blend and do not crease. at $10 each I am definitely impressed! I think I will pick up a few more.

Next up we have the Diorskin  Nude Tan Sun powder in Amber (its a bronzer!). Although it is called amber it doesn't look orange on at all. It is an extremely subtle but buildable product.

Next we have two Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers, the regular in Almond and the illuminating in Natural Radiance, I mix the two together and find it is perfect for hotter days. My skin has also gone crazy at the moment as I tried a product called Witch Hazel. My sister actually said to me "what did you expect, have you smelt the product".

Sorry ladies this was a limited edition shade :)
Mac eye shadow in Jete. I believe it was part of the collection in which you had to vote.
Ever since I depotted my eye shadows I have been appreciating them so much more.

It's really hard to take a photo of eyeliner!!
This is Mac's Rich Experience pro long wear eyeliner. It is super creamy and stays in place. This is quite easily the best eyeliner I have ever used. I did originally purchase this for my kit, however it has now been taken out and I will need to purchase another. I love wearing this with Jete all over the lid.
Last but not least, Stila eye shadow Trio in Goddess. I adore Stila eye shadows, I think they make a great sparkle colour like no one else. Really great for my deep set eyes.
I have been wearing The left colour all over the lid with the right colour in the socket.

That's it for the month of Feb, let me know some of the products you have been loving.