Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I Love This Box Australia - December

I Love This Box Australia - December addition

This is how the box came (unsealed which I thought was a bit odd)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Sample box in Australia - Beauty Basket

Hey Ladies,

Their is a new kid in town :)
Beauty Basket, just thought I would share this info and the link is below.

I will add this to the information regarding sample boxes in australia xx



Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

Hey Ladies,
I thought It would be nice to post our Christmas Wish List on here :)
You never know who may see it :)
If anyone would like me to forward their list to someone special please p/m me and I would be happy to do so

I will start with my list!

  • Nars cactus flower cream blush
  • Nars portobello duo eyeshadow 
  • Nars Laguna illuminator
  • Nars Portofino multiple
  • Nars Palm beach multiple
  • Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base
  • Chanel bronzer universal
  • Chanel Eyeshadow Duo Noir-Ivorie
  • Book: Amazing face by Zoe Foster
  • Inglot empty 40 palette
  • Louise young palette
  • Ysl touch√© √©clat no. 3
  • Samantha Chapman kabuki & core collection
  • Lush cupcake mask

Just so you all know I am not a spoilt brat and I don't expect to get all these things, rather I will use the money to hopefully purchase some and save for the rest.

What  is on your Christmas wish list?


My MAC Blush Collection

Hey Ladies, Like my attempt at a Christmas tree? LOL

Today I thought I would show you my MAC blush collection. Please note I do have non-Mac blushes but that is coming in a later post so stay tuned :)
I will break the swatches and reviews up into categories in order to keep it simple xx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bourjois Haul

Hey Guys,
As promised I have started to get out of my "Mac rut" and explore new options :)
I decided to pick up some Bourjois products after seeing some reviews from the PixiWoo sisters and then researched further to see that they are quite loved. Once I found out that the the company was owned by Chanel and that some of the products were manufactured in the same facility I went straight out and picked up these goodies :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lust Have It - December Box

Hey Ladies,

It's that time of the month again... I must say this Box has been my favourite to date :)
3 full size item's! And I am a huge cosmetics fan so this makes me REALLY happy :)
Let's get straight into it.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Surprises to come :-) + giveaway

Hey chickies,

Been busy hauling!!
Have heaps to show in the next few weeks!!!

One huge review to come is epic!!!
I'll give you a clue...

Get ready to STRIP!!!

If any one can guess what it is I will be sending you a little goodie :-)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Makeup sale!!! Yippee!!!! :-)

Hey ladies!!!
I have decided to sell off some of my unused Mac in order to be able to afford new requested beauty products to review for you guys :-)

I'm currently listing on eBay

Username: *pemily*

If anyone is looking for any Mac in particular please email me and I will probably have or be able to get at a fraction of the retail price



Sunday, 27 November 2011

November Birch Box (U.S)

Hey Ladies,

Today I received my US Birch Box.
First off, let me say that I am disappointed. I feel that our Aussie sampling boxes are much better that what I received with this US Version.

First up, we have a Mineralogie cream concealer... as you can see there is barely any concealer in the jar (I dabbed a little on my face and this is way too light for me) I understand that not every makeup product is going to match everyone so this will be given away.
3ml of this product is $16 US.

Next we gave an Avene cleanance soap free facial gel cleanser, this product claims to use thermal spring water to soothe and soften skin. 6.76fl Oz retails for $18 US

Thirdly, a Zoya nail polish. This colour is great for Christmas, however it is not a shade I would wear on my hands or feet, another gift!

Next up we have a LaRocca champagne shimmer supreme creme which is a Shea butter body cream, sample size is quite small so I doubt this will go far. Full size 6.76fl Oz retails for $35US (You would want this product to be amazing!)

Finally, we have the gift - two paper dolls coasters, a set if 6 retails for $15. These coasters are made of thin cardboard.

Just reading this post back, I seem to be very negative, Is this an example of what we will expect to see in the months to come from Aussie sample boxes, there is a murmur out there of boxes being fantastic for a few months and then losing their touch, lets hope not.

I would love to hear about what products you haven't been happy with from your sampling boxes.



Sunday, 20 November 2011

What Sample boxes do we have here in Australia?

Hey Ladies,

I have been asked quite a few times for an updated list of what beauty sample boxes are available in Australia at the moment, as it does keep "chopping and changing".

Here is the up to date information.

Lust Have It - Lust Have it is still operating as usual, they were the first in Aus. I love their products and have yet to be disappointed by a box I have received.

Glossy Box - Previously known as Beauty Box (information found on the net claims the two companies are now partners). I do not believe we will receive the same goods as the UK Version as both websites do contain different brand partners. Glossy Box is not all High end brands which may or may not suit some people.

Bella Box - Another box in which I have not purchased myself is Bella Box. This box has now been running for two months and consensus out their is that it is of high quality. The OCC Lip tars included seem to be making waves as these items are well loved in the states.

I Love this box - Another newbie is I love this Box, I too haven't yet purchased this (where do you start and where do you stop!) November was the first installment, The products seem to be quite makeup orientated which I think is fantastic so this may well be the next on my list

Beauty Basket - Beauty Basket's first launch in in December. There has not been a lot of info other than the December contents of this package, the website only lists the up to the minute brands.
If anyone has any more info to share please do so :)

What boxes have you subscribed too?



Your Holy Grail Makeup / Beauty related items

Hey Ladies I'm Back :)

To kick start my return I would LOVE to hear about your favourite Beauty Items, specifically makeup as I find skin care to be very tailored.

Once finished I will purchase some of the items you guys consecutively recommend and I will review. I will also tell you my faves ;)



Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quick link October lust have it box

Hey ladies,
Head over to YouTube and check out . Nicci from lust have it has a vid up of the October lust have it box


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mac Fall Colour Collection Haul

Hey Ladies!
It feels like I have hauled a LOT lately but the person I blame for this is MAC :) Why so many collections (I love it)

Keep reading to see what I Hauled from The Fall colour collection (aka Cindy Sherman)

First off, I received a Fluidline in Ash Violet.
This is a beautiful colour that is very very creamy (much more so then most of my Fluidlines). I like to wear Fluidlines all over the lid blended out and due to the fast drying nature of most, it is not always possible to blend well.

Next, the much hyped about Lightscapade MSF!
This is not a colour I would usually look twice at, however due to the hype I decided to purchase and at the moment I have been loving cheek highlights.
It appears to be a pearl cream duochhrome.

Next, we have the Porcelain Pink MSF (apologies on the pic quality). This was the item  I was most excited to receive.
This looks like an eyeshadow when applied to skin. It is a baby pink pearl colour, much more pink than Lightscapade. It seems to be coming off a little chalky and looks like it is sitting on the skins surface as apposed to blending in. Once I have used this product I will report back.

The quad! I purchased the Angel Flame quad because the Angel Flame quad caught my eye :) what a pretty colour! This quad consists of: Chamomile (satin), Angel Flame (frost), Feather Pink (satin) and Gravel (matte).
Chamomile reminds me a lot of Brule, I will compare tonight.
Angel flame is a duochrome (which I love) off gold and peach, it appears to be more gold than Paradisco which is an all time favourite of mine.
Feather pink is a true bubblegum pink colour which appears to have poor colour pay off when swatched, will need to use to confirm this.
Gravel is not anything to write home about, great payoff and texture but almost a standard black.

Next up, this pretty pink lipglass.
The shade is Pink fade, this colour is such a pretty bubblegum pink  shade. More info once I wear it :)

Last but NOT least :)

My back up Feline eye Khol. Although this eye pencil does smudge it is the blackest of blacks!!
fantastic! I just use a brush to overcoat with a matte black eyeshadow.

Guys I will have swatches of the products up asap

what did you haul?

xo Pemily

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mac Posh Paradise - Part Haul

Hey Hey Lovely Ladies!
Here is the first part of my Posh Paradise Haul!
In this part I received 4 paint pots and 1 Mattene Lipstick

The Paint Pots I received were: Half Wild, Nubile, Pure Creation and Hyperviolet.
The Mattene was: Naked Bliss.

Unboxed Items :)

Half-Wild was Uber smooth, lovely creamy finish and a beautiful mid tone purple.

Hyperviolet pulled and tugged a little in order to swatch (as you will see in the pic below) this color has quite a strong red base.

Nubile reminds me of a pink version of painterly I am super excited to try this as it seems like a great every day color, this color was very easy to spread also, much easier than painterly.

Pure creation is way out of my comfort zone :)

the first blue anything I have purchased!! This color is reminiscent of the mega metal eye shadows, I can definitely see the frost finish. I think I will try this under a purple eyeshadow.

Last but not least is my Mattene :)
This color is so so wearable!! it is a beautiful natural color that is not dry like regular matte lipsticks.

swatches :)
top, then L-R
Pure creation p/p, Hyperviolet p/p, Half Wild p/p, Nubile p/p, Naked Bliss.

What did you haul from Posh Paradise?


Birch Box - America's Sampling Box

Hey Ladies,

My lovely friend In America ordered me a Birch Box to try out. Birch Box is the American version of Lust Have it or Beauty Box.
I thought it would be nice to show you all a comparison of theirs and ours :)

The Box contains the following:
*Minimalist colorscience pro mineral powder
*Inoco Adventurous Nail polish Applique
*Jouer Lip enhancer
*Jurlique hand cream
*Salvatore Ferragamo perfume
*Friendship bracelet

The Jurlique Rose hand cream is quite a decent size!! (15ml) the product smells exactly like real roses its amazing! No fake smell... will review this with the other products once I have tried and tested.

I Personally have never heard of the cosmetic Brand minimalist. So I will be sure to include a review of this mineral powder once used. It claims to be a sunscreen and mattifier in one.

Next up we have the Salvatore Ferragamo perfume called Attimo. This, to me smells a lot like many of the Elizabeth Arden perfumes. The product claims to be "A fresh Bouquet with a heart of Bulgarian Rose".

Next up, the item I am probably most excited for!! the Inoco nail stickers!! I got Zebra print!! YAY!!! can't wait to try these, will be sure to show you!

Next, we got a friendship bracelet. This was to mark Birch Box's 1 year anniversary I thought it was sweet!

Finally, a Jouer lip enhancer (very small!!) This claims to hydrate, plump and condition all in one.

So how does this Box size up to our Aussie ones???

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pemily's top six You Tube Guru's

Hey Ladies,

Today I decided to give you guys some info and direction in regards to Makeup Guru's on youtube.
There are plenty more out there but here are my top 6 :) xo

(In no particular order...)

JLovesMac1 - Don't expect a great deal in the way of information but there is enough and it is simple but darn! this girl is HILARIOUS!!

emilynoel83 - Emily is such a sweet heart, she is a News Anchor by day so she speaks very clearly and well and her advice is always fantastic! she isn't only into high end brands so she can give you some great insight to cheaper alternatives.

Pixiwoo - The Pixiwoo sisters are probably my fave :) Nic and Sam are makeup artists so they really know what they are talking about! their tutorials are filmed very clearly and really easy to learn from!

Kickingeese - This girl is so real and funny, once again not a great deal of content but she will make you laugh with her attitude.

Allthatglitters21 - This young lady's career is actually You tube, her and her sister work together on a lot of projects. I find that Allthatglitters21 has great haul videos and speaker well.

missglamorazzi - I love Ingrid :) another fave!! shes so sweet!! I mostly like to watch Ingrid's haul videos she is very passionate.

Who are your fave????

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hey Hey Lovely Ladies It's time we take it up a notch or two!!! I will be holding a Giveaway contest shortly, Included will be items from Bangkok and Phuket.
If you are familiar with shops such as Beauty Buffet, Oriental Princess, Face Shop etc etc then this is for you!!!
If we can reach 30 subscribers by the 15th of October one lucky person will be winning a beautiful hand picked bunch of goodies that I bring back from Thailand!!!!!!!!!

So come on tell you friends hit Subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(please note image above is purely promotional)



Thursday, 22 September 2011

Results are In!! Favourite Lust Have it Item

The winners: The OPI and Lancome Mascara

thanks to the voters xo

Beauty Box - # 1 (september) Review

Next Up we have my review on the Beauty Box.
I am not going to get into a spill in regards to whether or not I believe certain items should or should not be in the box, I will review them for what they are.

First Up we have the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil.

In all honesty this is the best! facial product I have ever used, at first I was hesitant of the oil (creasing eye shadows) and the fact that I just had a BAD reaction to some high end product this however is amazing. I have received so many compliments on how great my skin looks.

Score: 10/10

Secondly: YSL top secrets beauty sleep moisturizer

For me personally, I didn't find any beneficial effects with this moisturizer, Nothing bad just not my idea of moisturizing. I also felt the smell was a little too strong, more reminiscent of a body moisturizer.

Score: 5/10

Lust Have it #2 - September Reviews

Hey Ladies!

Today I thought I would review the products I received in my September Lust Have It Box :)

First Up we have the Lancome Doll Effect Mascara

I believe you do not get a better Mascara than Lancome's! I have never ever been disappointed with any I have used. Doll Lash Effect was not different! Great at separating and thickening the lashes. I can't say that I would choose this over my Oscillation however that is personal preference (I like the length that gives me!)

Score: 9/10

Next we have the Pure Fiji Coconut Shower Gel

This product did not irritate my skin which was quite  odd seeing as everything else does! The smell was quite pleasant and the product lathers really well would definitely recommend.

Score: 8/10
Thirdly, the Rituelle Organic Hand cream

I have really enjoyed using this hand cream It is nice and thick which in my opinion = more concentrated :)
Very subtle light smell which is a good thing as I do not like strong smells to counteract with perfumes.
I love the size also as I can throw it into my bag without being weighed down.

score: 10/10

Next Up is the Kerastase Elixir

(Sorry No image available as I left it at my b/f's house however If you check out my Sept Box you will find the image)

I am the BIGGEST fan of Kerastase, I used their products for two years then decided I would change to Moroccan Oil, The minute I applied this product to my hair I was like "Why did I stop using you!!!"
Kerastase, In my opinion has the best hair products in the world! A bottle of their serum will last me 2 years also!!

Score: 10/10

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pemily's Top 9 Mac Eyeshadows

Hey Ladies,

I decided to post on my top 9 eye shadows from Mac (why 9 not 10 you say - because everyone does 10 LOL)

Left to right: Ego,Charcoal Brown,Sable,Haux

Ego: Ego is of a starflash finish (unfortunately this is a limited addition shade), texture is great and color goes well with both light and dark complexions

Charcoal Brown: Ah Charcoal brown, the first color I trusted other than Black :) This shade is so bendable and looks great in the crease with nothing but bare study paint pot on the lid (this eyeshadow has a matte finish)

Sable: I love sable because (to me) it is the perfect mix of brown and purple, I purchased this at a Mac tutorial with an artist. Once I told her I wanted a Kim Kardashian smokey eye she said I had to have sable. (sable has a frost finish)

Haux: Haux is such a pretty color, I love a creamy color in the crease with Haux on the outer corner and lots of black fluidline very pin up! (Haux has a satin finish)

Left to right: Clare De Lune, Paradisco, Sketch, Trax, Deep shade

Clare De Lune: Clare De Lune would have to be right near the top of my all time favourite Mac eye shadows! This color works really well with almost anything in the crease and is good for summer and winter, unfortunately it is Limited edition (hence the white packaging), If Mac ever re-release this snap it up while you can. (Satin finish)

Paradisco: Paradisco looks a  lot brighter in pan than it does on the eye! I bought this because a MUA had it on, it then sat in my stash for probably a year! So I finally decided to reach for it one day and used it with Deep shade and wow! This color goes so well packed on the  lid with a Navy in the crease or lightly with a black in the crease (gives the effect of no lid color). (Frost finish)

Sketch: Sketch gets a lot of mixed reviews, it appears to be a color people either love or hate? for me its love :) this color is a deep purple with fine shimmer in it and is great in the crease. I find it has great color payoff and generally wear it with a bright pink on the lid! (velvet finish)

Trax: Trax is another of my top colors! It is a light mid tone purple with fine gold glitter that causes the color to lean slightly bronze. What I love best about this color is that it is fool proof, I find I need to apply quite a bot to get the deep shade I wish to achieve but I am okay with that as it is less room for error! (velvet finish)

Deep Shade:  Deep shade is another fave!! (I keep saying that), I use deep shade when I want a deep crease but not necessarily brown or black. (Frost Finish)

What are your favourite Mac eyeshadow colors?

Urban Decay - When will Australia see you?!?!

Fresh from America - My First UD Haul A.K.A (my first anything other than MAC haul)
Hey Guys,
As the postman was here delivering my 226 brush he decided to give me some Urban Decay products too :)
Urban Decay is a HUGE brand in the states and is raved about so I decided to try some out and a dear friend of mine sent them on.
Here is what I purchased :)

3 x Loose Pigments

This is UD's description of the product:

"These powdery-fine, silky soft shadows deliver more intense color than pressed or cream eye shadows. Try a little for a sheer wash of color, or layer for bold, shimmering hues. With everything from bold brights to pretty neutrals, there's something for everyone!"
Goddess - a black with black shimmer
Rockstar - a beautiful two toned purple/blue with purple glitter
Gunmetal - IMO a taupe gunmetal

3 x Cream Shadows

This is UD's description of the product:

"Cream Shadow channels the sex appeal of the 70's and the science of today! Whipped to perfection, each shimmering shade dries to a weightless layer of color that will not crease, fade, or hide in fine lines. Unlike most cream shadows, our gel-based formula features silicone technology, allowing time to blend, correct and smudge. Once dry, shadow is light and as flexible as your own skin."

Mushroom - Silver Taupe like color
Midnight Rodeo - Shimmery peach
Delinquent - Bright purple

1 x eyeshadow

This is UD's description of the product:

"By popular demand, we created new Matte Eye shadows that are sexy, sophisticated, and never dull. The collection comes in a wide variety of shades-from bendable earth tones to vibrant bursts of color. Pigment-rich with an ultra-soft texture, Matte Eye shadows are low in binders, so payoff is amazing and never chalky! The classic Urban Decay subway token is dressed up with a gunmetal finish so you can tell them apart from your other Urban Decay Eye shadows."

Purple Haze - A matte purple (I think I may have a MAC e/s called Purple Haze also!!)

Please give me some time to play with the products and I will get back to you re: quality!!

What Makeup brands aren't in your country that you would love to try???


Mac Me Over Haul

Hey Guys,

I have decided to show you the goodies I purchased from the Mac Me Over Collection :)

First Item I would like to show you is the Lady Grey quad.

This is, in my opinion the 2nd best quad MAC has ever released (the smoke signals being first!!)

The colors are as follows: - All Races (matte) - Tendersmoke (frost)
                                      -Lady Grey (satin)  - Hazy Day (Veluxe Pearl)

This quad is capable of creating an eye without using any other shadows which I find really helpful in the mornings. So far I have been using All races on the first 2/3's of the lid and Tendersmoke in the crease.

Next, I only purchased one fluid line from this collection as I already owned Dark Diversion and the other two colors did not really appeal to me.
This color, I find to go really well to line the upper lids with when using the previous collection (Semi-Precious) Mineralize eyeshadow in Faux Gold, in fact any golden color would look lovely with this!

The blush I purchased from the collection is Stunner, This blush has a satin finish on my NW35 skin tone, this color is quite subtle which some people may not like but I find it good for a "no makeup look" with a little highlight above. Very pretty for spring also.

Next up we have a cream color base in Seaside.
Seaside has a frost finish. I don't know why I really purchased this as I have Hush CCB and find them very similar, however it is a really pretty color.

On to the eye shadows, Here we have Carbonzied.
Carbonized is a Veluxe pearl finish (which seems to be the most popular) The color is quite original compared to anything in the permanent line. It looks great on the edges of the eye with my Lady grey combination quad just to dress up for evenings.

Here we  have Creamy Bisque (frost finish)
I purchased creamy bisque as I wanted (another) color that could help me achieve a Jerseylicious eye :)
In my opinion that is to have a really light color on the lid and an extreme black in the crease. Will let you know how that goes for me :)

Last of the eye shadows is Moleskin. (Matte formula)
Moleskin, I believe should work well to blend out harsh crease colors as it does not sway too orange as many of the lighter brown matte colors do.

Next up we have just one lipglass (Can't believe my self control!!)
The lipglass is in color Curvaceous, this is a real Kim Kardashian color goes well with a dark smokey eye.

The mailman came just as I was writing this post with my 226 brush, this brush is a re promote and is supposed to be the Holy grail of all things blending!! I will let you know what I think

Please tell me in the comments below what you Hauled and your combinations