Monday, 19 December 2011

My MAC Blush Collection

Hey Ladies, Like my attempt at a Christmas tree? LOL

Today I thought I would show you my MAC blush collection. Please note I do have non-Mac blushes but that is coming in a later post so stay tuned :)
I will break the swatches and reviews up into categories in order to keep it simple xx

L-R Feeling Flush, Warmth Of Coral, Pressed Amber
First up, I have my Mineralize blushes from the Semi-Precious collection!
I purchased all three as I felt that they were different enough to warrant this!!

Feeling Flush is a p;ink with purple veining, as you can see from the swatches below it is uber pigmented
It pulls more pink than purple on my skin and I have to really be careful as to how much I apply.

Pressed amber, why that name I don't know more like pressed brown! LOL is a pretty colour and quite original at that, The colour is brown with a lighter brown veining. One needs to be careful with this colour as if you wear it as a blush you may look washed out, I rather layer this colour but once again great pigmentation.

Finally we have Warmth of Coral, I LOVE my corals! this is so pretty and my fave of the three! I believe it will suit both dark and light complexions for different reasons! This colour is a beautiful orange with pink veining! stunning!!

Just a little advice: when purchasing Mac's mineralize products that have veins please note: you are best to pick in store as they will all be different, especially eye shadows and don't expect the colours to stay consistent. once you get the surface of the veining will completely change.

L-R: Feeling Flush, Pressed Amber, Warmth Of Coral

Clockwise from Left: Plum Foolery, Springsheen, Pink Swoon, Melba
Next up I will be showing you My Blushes from Mac's permanent line. Once I wrote this post I realised I only have 4! are you kidding? I will be purchasing more of these asap.

First up we have plum Foolery, I love this colour I really did my research before purchasing and this colour is a favourite amongst most people.
The swatch does not do this blush the justice it deserves! It is a beautiful burgundy colour with light silver glitter which really doesn't show up too much on the cheeks, I like the break up with glitter as if a colour like this was matte I believe it would be a tad too much! really nice winter colour or a classic night colour when wanting to focus on the eye!

Next, is Springsheen. I purchased this at the same time I did Plum foolery, Once again did my research and this is another cult item! It is often compared to NARS orgasm, (If anyone is interested I can compare for you as I too own Orgasm!)
This colour is great for blending! A beautiful peachy pink! I think the peach comes from the gold in the colour! Just beautiful and easy to wear for most skin tones.

Next is Pink Swoon, I'm just going to say it I DON'T LIKE THIS BLUSH!! I honestly don't understand the hype on this! It doesn't blend and when you apply heavily I find I look like a clown and when I can finally blend it out it leaves a powdered affect... If anyone DOES love this blush please let me know what your doing because I really wanted to love this!! (see not always a MAC enabler LOL)

Finally, we have Melba. Melba is my oldest blush and was a gift quite a few years ago (as you can see from the condition it is in LOL).
To me, Melba is a terracotta colour. Like a brown with Red, I enjoy wearing this on a day that doesn't involve much of anything else as I struggle to pair this with other products, all in all great pigmentation and blend ability.

L-R: Plum Foolery, Springhsheen, Pink Swoon, Melba

clockwise bottom L to R: Mighty Aphrodite, Alpha Girl, My Paradise

Next up, my blushes in special packaging!

First, we have Mighty Aphrodite, I have swatched the large section, then the small, then both together. This came out with the Wonder Woman collection. Today was the first time I really tried to test this out and let me tell you the smaller side had to be scratched to get any form of colour to show up (there goes selling it LOL), it is a bright burgundy that I don't really care for! the Larger side is a pretty pearl type pink that would suit lighter skin tones quite well, when mixed together I was only able to really get the larger colour to show. All in all if I had my time again I probably wouldn't buy this!

Next up, we have Alpha Girl, before anyone comments "this is not a blush" on me it is! I wouldn't put this all over my face and I sometimes think Mac name these product different things to add to the hype which is fine!
This colour (in the pan looks like a pink with hint of coral, however when swatched looks a lot like the Mighty Aphrodite just more powder like. Not a repurchase either!

Last but not least! we have My Paradise.
I swatched this separately to show you the two colours then a combo. Let me start by saying that the flower (which I thought was a dragonfly for ages LOL) is a spray on, meaning that once you use the top coat there ain't no more gold :)

I would use the spray on as an eyeshadow on its own however the glitter is quite chunky and would probably scratch your eye! the base colour is an orange which is quite bright but when mixed together this is lovely, reminiscent of stereo rose :) love love love!!

L-R: Alpha Girl, Might Aph large section, Mighty Aph small section, Mighty Aph combination

L:R: My Paradise over spray, My paradise base, My paradise combination

bottom L clockwise: My Highland Honey, Pink Cult, Stunner

Last post! is on my limited edition regular packaged blushes from Mac.

First up we have My Highland Honey. This blush is amazing! so pretty on tanned skin. In the pan it looks quite orange but as you can see from swatches not so much. In this instant I like that the product needs to be built up as it is fool proof. A definite fave in summer :)

second, we have Pink Cult. Pink Cult is my favourite Mac blush of all time!!! its amazing! goes perfect with a smoky eye and is a really traditional colour love love love! very cool toned and I see it as a muted grey pink. This blush can be packed on for a dramatic look without being clown like. I wear this length ways as apposed to on the apples of my cheeks.

Finally we have stunner which was recently released by Mac (may still be available). Stunner is a muted pink coral. Very Pretty but needs to be packed on, this is what I would call another traditional shade that is good for all skin tones.

L-R: My Highland Honey, Pink Cult, Stunner
So there you have this very long post :)

What are your favourite and least favourite Mac blushes?

xo Pemily

P.S stay tuned: Aust Post is going to arrive any minute with my I Love this Box


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