Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pemily's Top 9 Mac Eyeshadows

Hey Ladies,

I decided to post on my top 9 eye shadows from Mac (why 9 not 10 you say - because everyone does 10 LOL)

Left to right: Ego,Charcoal Brown,Sable,Haux

Ego: Ego is of a starflash finish (unfortunately this is a limited addition shade), texture is great and color goes well with both light and dark complexions

Charcoal Brown: Ah Charcoal brown, the first color I trusted other than Black :) This shade is so bendable and looks great in the crease with nothing but bare study paint pot on the lid (this eyeshadow has a matte finish)

Sable: I love sable because (to me) it is the perfect mix of brown and purple, I purchased this at a Mac tutorial with an artist. Once I told her I wanted a Kim Kardashian smokey eye she said I had to have sable. (sable has a frost finish)

Haux: Haux is such a pretty color, I love a creamy color in the crease with Haux on the outer corner and lots of black fluidline very pin up! (Haux has a satin finish)

Left to right: Clare De Lune, Paradisco, Sketch, Trax, Deep shade

Clare De Lune: Clare De Lune would have to be right near the top of my all time favourite Mac eye shadows! This color works really well with almost anything in the crease and is good for summer and winter, unfortunately it is Limited edition (hence the white packaging), If Mac ever re-release this snap it up while you can. (Satin finish)

Paradisco: Paradisco looks a  lot brighter in pan than it does on the eye! I bought this because a MUA had it on, it then sat in my stash for probably a year! So I finally decided to reach for it one day and used it with Deep shade and wow! This color goes so well packed on the  lid with a Navy in the crease or lightly with a black in the crease (gives the effect of no lid color). (Frost finish)

Sketch: Sketch gets a lot of mixed reviews, it appears to be a color people either love or hate? for me its love :) this color is a deep purple with fine shimmer in it and is great in the crease. I find it has great color payoff and generally wear it with a bright pink on the lid! (velvet finish)

Trax: Trax is another of my top colors! It is a light mid tone purple with fine gold glitter that causes the color to lean slightly bronze. What I love best about this color is that it is fool proof, I find I need to apply quite a bot to get the deep shade I wish to achieve but I am okay with that as it is less room for error! (velvet finish)

Deep Shade:  Deep shade is another fave!! (I keep saying that), I use deep shade when I want a deep crease but not necessarily brown or black. (Frost Finish)

What are your favourite Mac eyeshadow colors?

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