Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Top Picks - Makeup Blogs/Sites

Hey Guys!
I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite makeup/beauty blogs with you all :)

These are in no particular order - I love Christine's site so much!!! Christine is the only blogger (I know off) that reviews every single Mac collection and product that comes out with it. She will usually review before US date also which is great for preparation!!!
Her reviews work of a rating system, some don't necessarily agree with this however for me, when something is given full points I look twice as I trust her opinion and truly believe all her opinions are honest!! (She was also chosen to create her own Mac eyeshadow!!) - Zabrena is such a sweet heart!! out of all the blogs I reached out too she took the time to comment on here!!
What I like best about Zabrena's blog is that it is 1) original and 2) targets a wider audience of MAC lovers.
Zabrena does not get wrapped up in all the new Mac collections, but rather introduces permanent colors into her combinations so that it is much more affordable and easy to get your hands on. I also love the fact that she gives me new ideas as to how to use my already existing eye shadows!! - Specktra Is not so much an individual blog but more so a forum. Basically each collection is given a page and people from all around the world report on what they are expecting, what they would like to see in collections, new released info and links to other pages. Once collections launch people start to comment on what they bought, what they did with it etc etc. Most die hard Mac fans will be found on Specktra.

These are the blogs that I follow RELIGIOUSLY there are plenty more fantastic blogs out there.

What are your favourite blogs?

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  1. Awww! Thank you for your kind words, Emily! I'm touched!! :)