Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fake Versus Authentic Mac Eyeshadows

Hey Guys first Post please pass on any feedback you may have :)

I understand we all want a bargain and in Australia MAC is very expensive! we pay $33 per eyeshadow from counters.
I'm hoping this review will be helpful to some and help you all save money and get a fair, legitamate product.

I think it is a good idea for a new MAC eyeshadow buyer to purchase their first eyeshadow from the counter, this way you have a definate authentic to compare with. I also keep all my MAC boxes (a whole cupboard full) so that if I am every wary of a product i have plenty of legitimate packaging to compare!

The Box
*The box will have a sticker on the top lip with the name (the real have name only NO NUMBERS!!)

*The front will say EYE SHADOW FARD A' PAUPIERES above the round cut out and NET WT./POIDS NET 1.5G/.05 US OZ E on the bottom front. WATCH FOR CORRECT SPELLING

*There will be a barcode on the bottom with  a serial number below and above will have a 3 digit code i.e - A99

*The back of the box will have text on the bottom LHS

The eyeshadow

*The box will be matte not shiny! with MAC written on it the dots between ma and ac will be small!

*Inside the eyeshadow will sit in from the lid (the fakes sometimes are raised)

-*The clasp will be on the base (fakes are commonly on the lid)

*The lid will be flush, not raised!

*the sticker on the base will contain  the name and the finish i.e - veluxe pearl, frost, matte etc, all this will be in white

*The same 3 digit number (i.e A99 as mentioned) will be in black on the back

Please feel free to send me any photos or questions you may have and I would be happy to assist.


  1. This is very informative! I had no idea MAC eyeshadows were that expensive in Australia - wow! I would definitely be broke within a month or two. LOL :) Great post, Emily!

  2. Omg!!!
    I can't believe you took the time out to write on MY blog!!!
    Thankyou xoxo
    Guys Mac shadow combos is THE best place to go to learn new combos with your Mac e/s!!!!!