Monday, 8 October 2012

Imats Part 2: Hakuhhodo Brushes

I do not even know where to begin with this, I have been waiting to purchase these brushes for 6 months at least..... Some of the people that RAVE about these are: Pixi2Woo, MissGlamorazzi endless Aussie Bloggers etc etc...... They really are THE SOFTEST brushes ever. The team at Hakuhodo were so lovely and polite they were really helpful, at one point they said to me: "You have to much!!" Didn't stop me from going back....... :)

I originally went for 10 then my lovely Fiancee went back and purchased me a further 5.

The only down fall on these is that they don't put the names on the handles, so I cut the plastic off and stored it along with a list of what I have so that I can purchase more in the future, for your reference I also uploaded the pics. Smart Little Cookie aren't I :)


XO Pemily

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