Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cherry Culture Haul NYX, Milani

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to show you some things I hauled from Cherry Culture.
As you can tell I am not a "drugstore" kinda gal, not that there is anything wrong with Drugstore makeup but my preferences lean towards high end.
However, I was expecting to see NYX at the IMATS in which they didn't show up too... very upset, they were even in the manual and one of the workers told me they simply didn't bother to show!!
NYX is a brand that is raved about on YT, Blogs etc so I decided at the price point I really had nothing to lose.

First up I will show you the blushes, At the time  I placed the order Cherry Culture had 20% off. Each blush cost me $4.50 each.



Dusty Rose


One thing with these blushes is not to have high expectations in terms of the packaging. Some of the lids seem really flimsy,  some of them wouldn't sit up on  their own for the photos, will report back if I get any broken lids!

Next up the lip products, Nude Peach Fuzz and Candy Land are xtreme lip cream's in which i paid $4.50 each. Mauve and Pink are NYX Girls glosses and they were $2.25 each (crazy!)

L:R Nude Peach Fuzz, Candy Land, Mauve, Pink
Once again packaging comes up, I can understand if the name label for the product is in a different spot for different glosses IE the Xtremes and the Glosses etc, however in the two glosses I received one has the sticker on the top and one on the bottom. This may sound crazy but I like consistency!

I have tried Nude Peach Fuzz and let me tell you! It packed a punch, extremely pigmented, think painting your lips with paint! in that sense it reminded me of an OCC Lip Tar, however it didn't seem to sink in to my lips as a Lip Tar or high end product would making the application quite difficult as the colour moved. If smell is a big factor for you, you may wan't to skip these as they are a plastic like smelling product.

As for the scent  of the Girls glosses, I get plastic mixed with a mild hint of burnt rubber. (I just sat here sniffing and  now have gloss under my nose trying to work out what the scent is!!)

Finally for NYX I purchased some eye products. The palette cost $9.99 and the Pencil $3.40
NYX Nude On Nude natural look kit, NYX Jumbo Pencil Yogurt
I was going to purchase some NYX individual eye shadows, however there were so many on the site and I was starting to get bored at that stage so I decided to simply purchase a Nude palette, at the time of purchase I didn't realise that there were lipglosses underneath, cream and eye products combined are a MAJOR No in my eyes, it is not natural LOL.
In NYX's defence they are tucked away.

Finally I purchased the Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt. Plan on trying this as a primer (might still use my TFSI) and an all over lid color.

Final product purchased was a Milani Baked Blush for $6.99

Milani Blush Luminoso
Milani is another brand that is raved about, LisaLisaD1 who tends to stick with high end loves this and Emily Noel also adores the brand.

The shipping cost for all items was $20.96 which is a little steep, considering shipping from companies such as Strawberry Net is free, however in the scheme of things I paid the same for the box full of goodies as I would a Chanel blush.
Quality is always over Quantity in my eyes so time will tell.

As always, please let me know if you would like swatches or in depth reviews.


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