Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pemily's top six You Tube Guru's

Hey Ladies,

Today I decided to give you guys some info and direction in regards to Makeup Guru's on youtube.
There are plenty more out there but here are my top 6 :) xo

(In no particular order...)

JLovesMac1 - Don't expect a great deal in the way of information but there is enough and it is simple but darn! this girl is HILARIOUS!!

emilynoel83 - Emily is such a sweet heart, she is a News Anchor by day so she speaks very clearly and well and her advice is always fantastic! she isn't only into high end brands so she can give you some great insight to cheaper alternatives.

Pixiwoo - The Pixiwoo sisters are probably my fave :) Nic and Sam are makeup artists so they really know what they are talking about! their tutorials are filmed very clearly and really easy to learn from!

Kickingeese - This girl is so real and funny, once again not a great deal of content but she will make you laugh with her attitude.

Allthatglitters21 - This young lady's career is actually You tube, her and her sister work together on a lot of projects. I find that Allthatglitters21 has great haul videos and speaker well.

missglamorazzi - I love Ingrid :) another fave!! shes so sweet!! I mostly like to watch Ingrid's haul videos she is very passionate.

Who are your fave????


  1. My favorite is panacea81, she does such a wide range of looks and she has a super cute accent thats fun to listen to :)

  2. Hey dairs I will have to check her out!!
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