Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mac Fall Colour Collection Haul

Hey Ladies!
It feels like I have hauled a LOT lately but the person I blame for this is MAC :) Why so many collections (I love it)

Keep reading to see what I Hauled from The Fall colour collection (aka Cindy Sherman)

First off, I received a Fluidline in Ash Violet.
This is a beautiful colour that is very very creamy (much more so then most of my Fluidlines). I like to wear Fluidlines all over the lid blended out and due to the fast drying nature of most, it is not always possible to blend well.

Next, the much hyped about Lightscapade MSF!
This is not a colour I would usually look twice at, however due to the hype I decided to purchase and at the moment I have been loving cheek highlights.
It appears to be a pearl cream duochhrome.

Next, we have the Porcelain Pink MSF (apologies on the pic quality). This was the item  I was most excited to receive.
This looks like an eyeshadow when applied to skin. It is a baby pink pearl colour, much more pink than Lightscapade. It seems to be coming off a little chalky and looks like it is sitting on the skins surface as apposed to blending in. Once I have used this product I will report back.

The quad! I purchased the Angel Flame quad because the Angel Flame quad caught my eye :) what a pretty colour! This quad consists of: Chamomile (satin), Angel Flame (frost), Feather Pink (satin) and Gravel (matte).
Chamomile reminds me a lot of Brule, I will compare tonight.
Angel flame is a duochrome (which I love) off gold and peach, it appears to be more gold than Paradisco which is an all time favourite of mine.
Feather pink is a true bubblegum pink colour which appears to have poor colour pay off when swatched, will need to use to confirm this.
Gravel is not anything to write home about, great payoff and texture but almost a standard black.

Next up, this pretty pink lipglass.
The shade is Pink fade, this colour is such a pretty bubblegum pink  shade. More info once I wear it :)

Last but NOT least :)

My back up Feline eye Khol. Although this eye pencil does smudge it is the blackest of blacks!!
fantastic! I just use a brush to overcoat with a matte black eyeshadow.

Guys I will have swatches of the products up asap

what did you haul?

xo Pemily

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