Thursday, 21 March 2013

Haul - MAC, Beauty Bay (Mario Badescu)

Hi Ladies,

You asked for hauls so you got them... my wallet hurts. :)

I picked up some eye shadows from MAC because I felt I needed more dark matte shades for my kit.
The reason you see two bags is because I was accidentally given one of the wrong shades and needed to exchange it. However it is technically one haul. I also returned a brush that I purchased a little while ago. The 191 square foundation brush, any excuse to buy more LOL.

Copperplate, Texture, Mystery, Embark, Shadowy Lady

I haven't had a chance to play with these shadows left other than a swatch. From a glance Shadowy Lady looks really pretty but from swatching Copperplate really packs a punch!!

Drying cream, Silver powder, Drying Lotion

I place another order with Beauty bay (a few days after my initial Naked Basics palette order) and this arrived today. Let me say from the two orders I have placed they have both come in perfect condition in two weeks or less. I am very happy!!

The purpose of this picture was to show you the consistency of the products.

Silver powder: The idea of this product is to remedy black heads, clogged pores, oils in the tzone etc. You are to wet a cotton bud, dip it into the solution and pat on the nose.
Drying cream: This product is for under surface bumps, I believe you use this on the problem area and rub in until it becomes clear, it does not need to be washed off.
Drying lotion: this is used on erupted pimples. I wanted to show you how this is a 2 part product. It will settle more.

If you have any questions about the products or would like to see a look please let me know.




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  2. I'd love to see the swatches of those eye shadows. They look like they are the perfect shades for fall!