Monday, 18 March 2013

Current Empties skincare/makeup

Hi Ladies :)

I have a few empties on hand so I thought I would show you and talk a little about the products.

I won't be doing these posts often as I don't really run out of anything other than skincare.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: I purchased this from KIT Cosmetics (In Sydney last year). I think this product does more to make me feel better than a great deal. It is designed for pimples that have surfaced (so you see a white head), you then dab it on and it will dry it out. My pimples are usually embedded so I need something to dry them out from that stage because (to be honest) I tend to pop them when they are white, the reality is that I won't walk around with puss on my face! I did however repurchase this as my fiancee likes it and I will still use it.

Laura Mercier Perfecting Water Moisture Mist: I use this as my toner morning and night. I LOVE this product, I honestly feel like my skin is drier and bumpier when I run out of it. Already repurchased!

Johnson's Pure Cotton 80 Round Makeup pads: I honestly should buy shares in a cotton pad company, or a paper towel company! These pads (in my opinion!) are terrible!! They absorb so much product. You are probably wondering why I would mention a $2 cotton pad packet. The reason being that I use these to apply my toner. They absorb roughly double the amount of $60 moisture mist that others do, meaning they cost me $30 to use! does that make sense? will I repurchase: NO WAY! J&J have some others in their range that are great. The purple packet I love.

Laura Mercier Mega Moisturiser Normal/Combination: This is my go to moisturiser :) Love it, have already repurchased!

Mac Prep + Prime Lip: This product took me a really long time to use up. There is nothing wrong with it but I think I might try a different Lip primer as apposed to re purchasing the same one (I really don't think it is a product I need multiples off!!) The only downside of this product is: It smells like onions. I kid you not!

That's all :)

Comment below with your current empties

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